Thursday, May 22, 2014

Carla's Fitness Project! Day 2


I know, I should have updated this before, but because I couldn't make to Aikido this week, didn't see much of a point to make a quick post about it. If you ask why I didn't go, my first quick answer would be "I was working", which sounds noble (or at least responsible). But if you continue staring at me after this answer, I'll have to say that I was working because I had a lack of motivation through the morning so the work pile up in the end of the day. Apparently I'm really good in finding ways out of stuff I need to do but I'm too lazy to do it. *sigh*

Well, I'm also going to bed way too late from what I need, and that never helps. I also need some studying time to be included in my daily schedule, so... I have a LOT to work on.

Good news is that I manage to complete the day 2 of the push ups. Weird enough today my arms and shoulders aren't aching as they were the first time I did it, and honestly I don't know how to interpret that: does it mean those muscles are being worked more regularly so, it does make sense they would stop aching after the first attempts? Or am I doing the push ups wrong? I've been doing the push ups standing on my knees, not my toes. The program allows you to do it, because in the end the goal is to improve the number of push ups you can do, so that doesn't matter much. The problem is that, if I do it on my toe, than I have NO WAY to do more than one. Honestly, I can barely hold myself up that way. Should I try standing ob my toes and work slowly from there? Or should I continue on my knees until I build more strength and control over my upper body, and then use this in the future to do the real push ups?

So many questions! If anyone has answers for those, please leave on the comments!

So, just we don't lose track:

May 22, 2014 activities:
- completed day 2 from push up program quite nicely


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