Thursday, May 15, 2014

Carla's Fitness Project! Intro

Howdy everyone!

Or just me, after so much time I think I'm the only one here...

... kinda.

I'm not going to make an update on my life, it would take too long. Let's just say it had its ups and downs, but everything is alright.

What made me write to you (and me) today is the idea I had to help me be more healthy. You'll probably know I'm not a small woman. Nope, I'm very very fat indeed. And for those making fun of the fat people around, we're not fat because we want it. It's hard to change. That's why I'll start a step at a time, and my first goal is to make exercises part of my life. I've been trying for a while now, but today I remembered something Vivi told me some months ago. She told me about this girl that was training for a karate competition, and that she was posting everyday on Facebook how much she had worked out. We discussed how much this helps see the amount you achieved, for a diet or a workout routine, more than just weighing yourself every week. Specially because weigh is one of the last thing to actually change when you change your habits.

Anyway, I completely forgot about that until now, that I decided to start a not heavy but known to be efficient workout (I'll get in details in my following posts).  I decided to use part of the blog as a diary, so that in the days I'm feeling not so good I can look back and see how much I actually achieved, and hopefully I won't give up.

I just wanted to write down my plans, when I actually have more time and maybe not at work (ooops!), I'll write down my initial measurements and my plans in a following post!


Ps1: I'm writing down in English, and not in Portuguese, because 1) Aaron can read this way; 2) my friends should be able to follow (Brazilians, Canadians and Americans)  and 3) I can tell my mom about my achievements by Skype ;0)

Ps2: I will write again about my life in North America, that's why I'm making this project inside this blog, and not just make a new one. 

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